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Today, I wanted to overclock my computer to get better performance. I selected my PLL and clicked 'Get FSB' with 'Ultra' checked. I dragged the slider to the right to make the numbers in the green box go from 151/760 to 201/760 and clicked 'Set FSB'. I anticipated the increase of the core speed(or whatever that is) shown at the bottom right hand corner of the program to increase, but it did not. I tried increasing the number in the green box by 100 and nothing happened too. Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance. :)

EDIT: Oh, and my PLL is SLG505YC264BT, computer model is HP Workstation xw4600 base unit. I'm not sure if this is because my computer is manufactured by HP.
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  1. Don't even bother.
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  2. Nonsense, you can overclock the xw4600 with SetFSB

    The PLL for the xw4600 is CV183APAG, the one you listed is incorrect that's why you couldn't get it working.
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