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Hey everyone,

I think my previous post may have been a bit overwhelming with no answers at this point. At the end of the day, I would most like an answer to these 2 questions:

Is there any reason why I should not buy computer parts from Amazon versus Newegg?

Which of the following cases would you recommend if considering card clearance 5850 x2 and quietness of the following 3 cases: Sonata, Antec 902, Storm Scout.

As far as power supply, is 750w enough for i5 750, 2 5850s, 1hd, 1ssd?

THanks again and my best wishes.
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  1. No, newegg is just organized so well that people love them very much. Just make sure that you don't get used parts. They could obviously be broken in some way.

    Either the Antec 902, or not mentioned there the HAF 922. It's cheaper, bigger and better than the 902.

    As long it's a quality brand (OCZ, PCP&C, Antec, Corsair, SeaSonic) then 750W will be more than enough.

    Have fun and good luck. Any other questions feel free to ask.
  2. The only why I buy computer components from not amazon is because usually newegg have better prices.
  3. There's a reason that newegg is the first choice vendor for a lot of us regulars here.
  4. it's always important to check amazon before buying parts...i've noticed on numerous occasions that they carry items for cheaper than newegg. It usually happens when demand for a certain item is really high and most people go to newegg before checking other places.
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