Compatability Check and Case and Power Supply Help

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: As soon as possible but I have no preference whatsoever

BUDGET RANGE: 350 and downwards (note that this is for just the CPU, GPU, Mobo, case and power supply, and the optical drive)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Basic web browsing, music, word processing, but looking to upgrade in the future

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers, Monitor, Hard drive

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg is preferred but if there is a better deal else where I'll take it


PARTS PREFERENCES: No cares at all



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'm really here just to verify that the current parts I have are all compatible. As of now, I've got a hard drive and a mother board, a CPU and a GPU picked out. I'll probably go out and grab 2 gbs of ram, so if you have a good link it'd be much appreciated. :D Also, since I know nothing about cases or power supplies, if someone could find one for me it'd be much appreciated as well. As for aesthetics, I couldn't care less. So the cheaper (in price, not quality :) ) the better. I'm also hoping to upgrade over the next few years so I want a power supply that can handle upgrades (I'm not sure if that made sense, but from what I understand, better GPUs and CPUs and stuff take more watts, so I'd want a decent amount of extra). Above all, I want to keep it cheap.

I just realized I never posted the links so here they are... my bad :)



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  1. Forgot the links, posted a reply, THEN saw the edit button... and now can't delete this post. I'm a failure... :D
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    ^ You can do away with that graphics card and buy a board with onboard graphics...
    CPU - No to that old x3s...these are far more efficient and powerful...
    Athlon II X3 425

    Mobo - With very good onboard graphics - Go with discrete graphcis card only if you are planning to game at high resolutions...

    RAM -
    Crucial 2GB kit

    CASE -
    Antec 300 - A high quality case with very good airflow...

    PSU - OCZ 500W + DVD
    You get cheaper PSU but not good quality ones...with this much power...

    Total - ~$350
  3. ^ The above looks quite good.

    As one of you main usages is going to be music however, I would highly recommend an aftermarket sound card.
    Even the inexpensive Xonar Ds ($40) will be a major upgrade.
    If you can afford a little more, the Xonar D1 ($90) will sound even better.
  4. For a non-gamer, that looks decent, and if you do decide you ever want to try some games, the AMD IGP is actually capable of playing some current titles on low settings, so you could at least get your feet wet. Any PSU you get should have full range active PFC and be 80+ certified. While my personal preference would be for Antec (e.g. Earthwatts) or Seasonic, the OCZ model in GKay's list should do, and is also powerful enough for a decent GPU if you need it.
  5. Two quick questions: Thanks in advance and thanks for all the help ^^^.
    First, I was just quickly looking through newegg and saw this 4 gb (2 x 2gb) ram.

    Will this work on my mobo? (The one suggested by kgay09)

    "Features: Compatible with Dual Channel Intel Core i5 CPU for P55 chipset motherboard, Dual Channel Core i7 CPU for P55 chipset motherboard, and AMD AM3 Platform."

    I'm not sure if this refers to the CPU or the Mobo... The reviews look decent and since I was planning on upgrading to 4 gb in a bit, I thought I might get it now if this works.

    Second, how good is the integrated GPU on that mother board. I looked some stuff up on it but couldn't make sense of it. I want a decent one, and I trust kgay09 when he says it's good, but just weigh in on it.

    Again, thanks.

    EDIT: I just found this...

    which is very nice. But is says this, "Features: Exclusively Designed for Socket AM3 and 790 FX & 790 GX Motherboard Black Edition Ready XTC Heatspreader AMD OverDrive (AOD) Ready", so I am wondering if THESE would be compatible with my motherboard? Once more... Thanks. :)
  6. Yes, that RAM is compatible with the mobo GKay linked. The IGP on it is capable of 3D gaming with lowered settings, but A) you don't even mention games at all, and B) you can always add a discrete GPU later. The OCZ PSU he linked should have no problems with a HD5770 or even a HD5850.
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  8. Awesome... :D thanks so much for being of so much help.
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