Is it possible to have usb flash memory drive used by two pcs in same time

I need help
I have one PC inside ultrasound (Philips HD9) machine that is not possible to enter the system and install anything. It has DICOM system but requests 5000E to unlock option and establish network connection !
However, you can save ultrasound's data on USB flash memory.
During my work I have to bring USB from Ultrasound to another PC to print records.
My question :
- Is there any possibility (wire or wireless) to have one flash usb memory attached and used bu ultrasound's pc to save data and in the same time reachable by PC (like some kind of "free space") through wireless ( or wire) connection.

- or USB flash memory stick that can transmit saved data to another USB attached to my pc or USB printer or some HUB or anything else ?
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  1. most likely it would be against your EULA to do what you are wanting to do.
    Aside from that, Flash drives are not meant to be used from multiple computers. If you can put the information on a NAS or a shared network drive, then perhaps you would be able to point both computers to the same location, but just know that it may be met with limited success.
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