Disabling max CPU voltage limit on ASUS M5A97 board


Does anybody know how to or if it is possible to disable the voltage limit on an ASUS M5A97 board? I'm aware of the risks.
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  1. limit? are you talking about overvoltage errors? if so that's your motherboards limitation, and you will burn it out right fast if you manage to pass it
  2. Ah, I was afraid it was something like that. How fast would it fry the board? I'm trying to hit 4.9Ghz with a 965 x4
  3. i dont know, but good luck with 4.9GHz, the highest i've seen without sub ambient cooling is 4.7GHz

    edit:sorry bout the double post, forum took a long while for the first one to show
  4. i dont know, good luck hitting 4.9 though, i doubt it will happen TBH
  5. I'm at 4.5 right now, 1.56V. It's been stable for the last half hour under prime95 with a max temp of 46C. I think it's achievable... If I can manage to get the voltage a little higher
  6. Using a sub ambient temperature water loop to cool it
  7. i've only managed to get 1.56V and i have a 4+1 vrm, with the same 140W limit

    if your dead set on 4.9, your best bet is to get an 8+2 board, if your budget allows for it
  8. Thanks, I'll look into an 8+2 board.
  9. Awesome, thanks. I was looking for some kind of list like that but I wasn't having much luck
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