Error: system fan has failed after changed motherboard

Compaq Presario S6020WM, motherboard died. Original motherboard MS-6577 Ver:3.1 (Gamila) replaced with Asus P4GV-LA Socket 478. Asus motherboard reports "error:system fan failure...shut down to prevent further F2 to continue." Entered BIOS observed these settings: "CPU fan = 3000 RPM"; "System Fan = 0"; "CPU Temp = 39-41C." Obviously the Power supply fan is functioning fine. Compaq does not have a "Case Fan." No option available to change settings for system fan in BIOS. Cleared CMOS settings then reset: BIOS saved upon exiting. Same readings observed when BIOS is re-entered. Computer is operating normal otherwise: just the F2 issue. Any insight appreciated.
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    I would suspect that the Compaq PSU is not compatible with your new motherboard. In fact you are lucky your motherboard hasn't fried. Your BIOS is probably looking for some kind of signal from the PSU that the PSU is not providing so the BIOS sees it as an error. Get a New case and PSU and make sure they are compatible. ATX Clone is the standard you want. I would cease running that motherboard off that PSU.
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  3. Thank you for the information; I was not aware that the PSU "cooperated" with the motherboard BIOS.
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