Installing programs on another drive Will it slow down?

Hi there
I have my windows 7 64 and my 3d apps and 2d apps which i use for art work all installed on a 120gb ssd drive which at the moment is quite fast. I thought of loading the rest of my programs that i don't use very much e.g nero, adobe pdf etc on to a sata 2 drive. I don't mind the programs on the sata 2 drive running slower but I guess I would mind while using my 3d apps and 2d apps on the ssd drive that the sata 2 drive would slow the computer down. Would it be fasted to load everything onto ssd or split the programs on to two drives? I have heaps of programs and if I loaded all of them on to ssd it would take up the whole drive.

Thanks in advance for all your help.
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  1. You do not have to worry about the second drive slowing things down. The data that is on the SSD will open faster and be overall quicker and the data that is on the other drive will perform according to the speed of that drive. You do not want to load up the SSD , just keep the things on there that you want to run faster and put everything else on the sata2 drive.
  2. Cheers thanks very mcuh inzone
  3. What if i format my primary HDD and install new copy of Win 7 on there? Will the programs installed in the secondary drive or slave drive still work?

    For Eg: Win7 is currently on C: drive which is a 120 GB SSD. A number of programs like itunes, Ms Office etc are installed on D:, which is a 500 GB HDD.

    Will the programs on D: still run if I were to format C: and reinstall Win 7?

    Thanks for the help.
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