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I have a Dell XPS Studio system with the intel i7 920 processor set at 2.67ghz. I want to experiment with overclocking, maybe squeeze another 5 or 600 mhz out of it, get to 3.2 or 3.5ghz speeds. However, the bios that came with the machine is inadequate. Is there any way I can overclock this system?

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  1. you can try and get a hold of a BIOS flash that has the settings unlocked, but I have never had much joy overclocking on the Dell MoBos. you are probably better off grabbing a new MoBo and going from there. which XPS it is out of curiosity? 435/mt?
  2. Grant it this is an old post, I found this machine in my moms garage so I figured why not OC it for fun. The max I've found the board to allow is 772Mhz overclock. That's with a 160 Bclk and QPI and Uncore voltage set to +160mv. I threw in 8G's of 1600mhz memory I had laying around and brought the multiplier to 10 so they run at 160x10= 1600mhz. Its stable and cool runs at 3372.15mhz @ 1.232v. The motherboard wont allow any further overclock as it Uncore and QPI multipliers are locked in at 24x so its QPI GT/s is too high at 7708 (over 7k is shown to be unstable) passing 160 Bclk results in a 4 beep on restart which is memory failure.
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