PNY Geforce 9800gt problem please help!!!!!!1

i just bought a PCIe graphic card(PNY Geforce 9800GT performance edition and the problem is that when i connect the monitor to it nothing comes on the screen(it looks at if the monitor was not connected to the video card).i configured the bios for the PCIe as primary video adaptor but it still not working.any idea please?? here are myn computer specs: dual core 1.8ghz,2GB ddr1, 250GB HDD and a 400w power supply
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  1. Install the software that came with it? Should be able to keep the pci detect on auto without issues... PSU is a little on the light side... What kind is it?
  2. cant install anything because the screen is black like it is not connected to video card.PSU is edvan
  3. Do you have an mGPU? try installing the drivers but not runnning the display through the discrete; then switch after restart.
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