How do I remove write-protection on a removable USB drive?

how do I remove write-protection on a removable USB drive?
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  1. Try this guide, unless u have a switch on the USB stick memory card to turn off the write-protection. USB Flash Drive 101
  2. This doesn't work on my machine; it keeps reappearing with some huge numerical error message. I want to completely remove the protection feature from my machine; H-P Pav...dv6t-1200 running Vista Home Prem x64. I don't even want the possibility of it being enabled. There has to be a regitry tweak to completely and permanently remove this from the computer. Other garbage can be removed often times by doing nothing more than deleting the reg key. I've tried everthing that is available on the internet including some utlities, e.g. unlocker, shell exview, shell menu view, auto run, you name it, even doing a full recovery.
    I have to use Diskpart just to be able to write to my external harddrives until I reboot.
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