Is Overclocking Really, Really Necessary?

Ok, I am a little new to computer and computer parts (about 1 month or 2 of doing research). I'm researching because I'm about to purchase my first components to build a rig. I've been looking around for answers to my question but I've kept coming up with mixed answers. So here it is.

I heard that by overclocking, can get you higher Ghz and such. But it overclocking really at all necessary? By 'necessary' I mean will I see real life results like faster performance or will the increase be so miniscule that the only difference I will be able to tell are the benchmarks?

I'm attempting to buy a processor with around the 3.2 - 3.5 Ghz area. Good enough without overclocking?

So my basic question is: is overclocking really helpful and speed of your PC to new heights or is it just for enthusiasts who like looking at good bench marks?

Sorry if it was a little confusing and thanks for your help.
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    indeed OVERCLOCKING will change your pc experience to the newer level nowaday overclocking is just another part of a computers. Most of the people overclock thier cpu's only for GAMING which mean thier games run further more smoother and faster. Overclocking is necessary when you intend to do alot of hard working like gaming on maximum setting, 3d work, photoshop etc etc. If don't want to do these things then i would say overclocking is waste, on the other hand you must have a good cpu like i5 2500k it's native frequency is 3.3ghz but with a decent cooler you can push this frequeny upto 4.8ghz which mean your system is now much faster. But be careful of keeping the voltage maintan while overclocking..
  2. Any common CPU will be good enough at stock speeds to do just about anything
    Most people overclock to squeeze that bit extra out of it, some do it cause they can.
  3. Depending on your overclock and what you do with your computer you may or may not see any difference in performance besides benchmarks.
    Overclocking is not really necessary but we tend to do it mainly because it's fun and because you can get better bang for the buck. There are also dangers about overclocking so you should decide if you want to do it before buying components.
    Components not designed to be overclocked tend to be cheaper
  4. Ah I see now. I thought it was just to show some high numbers and that it didn't really affect it much. I will be doing some gaming so I guess it will be running smoother since I will be going with an unlocked processor. I would not get an unlocked processor just for fun, cause I don't see any fun in overclocking for benchmarks (not too much of a techy). I prefer the fun I can get out of it with gaming and such. Thanks for your answers!
  5. Depends on what one does with their PC. If they are just doing casual things such as word processing and internet browsing there is no point of overclocking. However, if it is someone who did not have the money to upgrade to the next generation of processors they find overclocking to be very useful. Overclocking also boosts render times in video editing and 3d programs! It even can give more frames in gaming.
  6. Overclocking will also let you extend the useful service life of an older system.

    I have a Q9550 (OC'd to 3.6 GHz) that, although obsolete, is still a very capable system.
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