Eco/Green drives in RAID?

I'm building my first RAID10 box and have heard from friends that the Eco/Green drives can cause problems. Is this something to be concerned about?
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  1. The slow response time of the green drive can lead to hdd being dropped from a raid. The green drive don't come with time limited error recovery (tler) to cope with that. You need to get tler utility from wd.
  2. Honestly amigo, you sould simply set the RAID to 0, and focus on speed. Get only 2 drives and get also a external drive for backup. If you can afford, make a 4x RAID 0. Drives with fast response times, aka RAID edition drives, are more expensive and therfore its best to get a external drive. In addition, RAID is a terrible backup solution. If your drive fails, the array needs to be rebuild before you can check your data, and in the mean time, another drive may fail.
  3. Not sure about samsung drives but for wd, if you have tler enabled on the consumer drive, it perform just like the more expensive raid/enterprise drives.
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