New to overclocking, need step-by-step help for Athlon II X4 640

Hello guys, I really want to overclock my Athlon 640 to get better performance while gaming.
I have never overclocked before so basically clueless at these sort of things.

my system spec is:
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6850
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor (Quad Core), ~3.0GHz
Memory: 6142MB RAM

PSU is Cooler Master 460 RS-460-PCAR-A3

will it be decent enough for OC'ing?? my PSU is kinda at the limit already
my CPU cooler is still the stock fan, so my goal for it is something like 3.4ghz

appreciate any help!!!
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  1. Step 1 - Throw away Athlon CPU

    Step 2 - Buy a Phenom II 955

    Step 3 - Then think about overclocking the 955
  2. Seconded, However he obviously cant do that.

    And also, How the hell did you get an Athlon II X4 to work on that board?

    You cant overclock it I'm afraid - not without a Good 890FX chipset - That mobo is terrible :(
  3. @Headspin_69
    I would have obviously bought the 955 instead of 640 if my mobo supports it,
    at least give a bit of research before u post with useless crap

    thx for the reply! anyways my mobo supports most cpu that uses 95w power,
    so that's why I can't use the 955 as its 105w,

    and can u explain why the cpu can't be overclocked?? I mean I bought that
    mobo back in 07, and overclocking was invented long before that, any reason
    I can't overclock this??
  4. Well the BIOS is the reason as the OCing settings are just not there for you to adjust....There really is no need to OC that set-up anyways everything looks pretty solid..unless your planning on just OCing to be doing it...3 GHz is nothing to sneeze at its damn fast.

    @headspin-->this is a forum for problems with peoples set-ups...Just telling someone to buy new equipment is just a way to say you don't know how to fix it...and then on top of that you tell the OP to buy a chip his board doesn't even support....not everyone has tons of money to throw at a machine, and just keep buying different parts until the problem is resolved.

    @deadjon-->FYI...he doesn't need a 890 FX chipset to OC....A 780G and above chipset will OC that chip with NP.....I am sure if the OP was just filthy rich he could just throw the rig out and get a 990 FX with a the NEW BD chip...
  5. BTW..your board does support the C3 955 with 95 watt TDP just flash the BIOS to revision F6H... check the list:

    I would just stick with the 640 its a good chip for mid-end gaming...even if you OCed it a little you wouldn't see much of an improvment anyways...
  6. @lowjack989

    I think I have saw some options with adjusting frequency and voltage in the BIOS,
    and I really need to overclock the cpu as its bottlenecking in games
    (please don't tell me its other components, I know its the cpu)

    and there actually is no Phenom II 955 95w, its just a myth and never released

    can someone help me with overclocking???
  7. Well then lower your RAM clocks from 800 to 667 then raise your FSB to 240..That will give you RAM at 800 CPU at 3.6...vcore should be around 1.35v - 1.39v...There you go...AlsoI noticed you have to be running three RAM modules.. lose one stick of RAM as your running single channel...2 x 2GB Sticks or 4 x 2GB....As running three RAM modules actually hinders performance..on dual channel system as of now only Intel supports triple channel
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