Bios recognizes both hard-drives, windows 7 only recognizes one

New system set-up, installed 2 drives using SATA cables. BIOS recognizes both. When i get to windows it only recognizes a single drive. It was my understanding that master/slave was not necessary when using SATA. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. Additional information:

    Recognized Drive: Solid State Vertex 3 120GB - going to be used for operating system and programs
    Bios Recognized, but not Windows 7 - Western Digital Caviar Blue 1T for data and files

    Both are connected using 6.0 SATA to an ASUS P8P67 Pro Board
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    You are correct in that SATA drives do not need the 'master/slave' jumpers.

    Format the new drive NTFS and re-boot. Make sure that the SATA port that the new drive is plugged into, is activated.
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