Default setting Prime95 freeze HELP!!!!

I need your help guys. Here are my specs:

Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 PRO
CPU: Intel 2500k
Memory: 2x 4GB G.Skill 1600 Cas 8
SSD: Vertex 3 MAX IOPS 120GB
GPU: ASUS nVidia 560 Ti
PSU: TX750 v2

Alright so when I put my MB settings to "optimized defaults" I get a freeze in Prime95 in about 15 minutes. However last night, I hit the easy overclock button, which put the multiplier at 45 and the bus speed at 103.0. I still am yet to have a crash. I do want to overclock later, but I want to figure out why at defaults I am freezeing. I am willing to post anything you guys still need to know.

Before I figured out that there was some setting wrong, I have:

RMAed the MB
RMAed the CPU
Installed windows on another HDD

I would really appreciate your help guys.
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  1. Maybe the "easy overclock" ups the CPU or RAM voltage(s) which can eliminate errors? You need to check the BIOS setting before and after selecting "easy overclock" if your User's Manual doesn't tell what the "easy OC" setting changes in BIOS. You can also run Memetest86+ at the "optimized default" settings to see if any memory errors occur.
  2. I will check the user manual, because when you select the defaults, in the settings, everything just says AUTO. Is there anyway to check with a program in Windows, or another way to check in the BIOS?

    I have ran Memtest86+ before I RMAed the MD + CPU, but only let it go through one pass. I will let it run tonight through out the night and let you know.

    Edit: Checked the user manual no such luck on numbers...
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