AMd Athlon II x4 640 crashes when trying to overclock it

Hey everyone here are my specs!

Asrock 890FX deluxe4
AMD Athlon II x4 640 w/ Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
XFX Radeon HD 6950 2GB
4x4 GB GSkill Ripjaw Ram

Anyway, my Bus Speed went up to 245 and ran Prime95 and passed all tests. Now when I went up to 250 windows crashed into the blue screen. after that it would say hardware or software changed, repair or restore windows. I would try both options and none would work. I had to restart and re install windows 7. Now I cant go past the 225 or it crashes and restarts! Any ideas? Maybe change some setting...

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  1. what parameters did u change on overclocking? what was ur recorded temps on bios?
  2. The bus speed, by increments of 5. They never went past 50 stressed...
  3. Here are my temps and speed at idle

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    Here they are stressed using prime95 and it passed...

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  4. sorry for the delay in replying. so you didnt change anything else? just the bus speed on the cpu? obviously i mean in the bios...
  5. try edit ram seting : i don't know your RAm speed clock timing for Now, try loosen Cas timming RAm or change RAM ratio / Divider
  6. Right now I'm running at 3.6 GHz stable, it crashes once I go up to 245 and when i play games it freezes...

    My ram timings are weird...

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  7. Any suggestions to what I should change it too??
  8. change Divider DRAM to (second configuration / JEDEC #2) 333Mhz PC 5300) your ram will 333MHZ x2 = 666, FSB still 240 increase Vdim to 1.9-2.0 V 5-5-5-20-1T
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