2 Momentus XT 500s RAID 0 vs 1 128 Gig SSD (Cheapest) 4 games loading

Hey guys,

I want to thank you prior to your answers:)

I wanted to ask, would I be better off with 2 momentus XTs 500s in RAID 0, or 1 SSD for loading games only. I already have SSD for windows.

I had 2 raptor 150s in raid 0 but 1 died, and now running only1. You dont know how much slower it feels. Anyways all I do is game on the main computer and school work (programming). it will cost me around 200$ for 2 Momentuses and about 180$ for 128 gig SSD.

I do find even 150 gigs low for my installed games, seeing as both lost planet 2 and SC 2 are 12 gigs each.

My questions are:

1) if I do go mementus, will 2 momentuses be faster than 2 raptor 150s in raid 0?
2) Will 2 Momentuses be faster than 1 SSD 128 (generic and cheap)
3) will 1 Momentus be faster than 1 Rapto 150 gig

Raptor 150 gigs are the old generation ones I mean

4) In order which is fastest, Raptor 150 gig, New VelociRaptor, SSD, Momentus XT.

Again this is only for game loading, not windows:)

Thank You AGAIN!

So I guess my choices are:

300 gig and under VelociRaptor
500 gig momentus XT
128 gig and under SSD
compared to 150 gig old Raptor:)
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