Does anyone know where i could find hard drive benchmark charts

i looked on toms but they did'nt have anything recent only thing i could find for home use hard drives was 2009 charts and i need late 2010 or 2011. am looking to get a 1tb hard drive on a budget but i want it to be fast and id like to see some charts incase i spot a deal somewhere or what not

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  1. Winter - I don't know where to get charts however your question makes me think you might be able to aid me a bit in my HDD Crash problem. Hope so, if not no worries and I hope you find what you're looking for!!


    Hello, I have a Seagate Momentus 500G 7200.4 G-protectd laptop HDD in a MacBook that stopped operating completely recently. My system froze and when I rebooted there was no drive (got the Mac flashing folder with question mark icon and the steady beeps).

    I actually took it apart after practising on a matching Seagate 250G one that I had around so I could se if there were any obvious differences and look for what the problem might be.

    The reading arms were locked at the inner radius on the 500G so I released them and put it back together. It actually worked at first and the Apple icon appeared but it didn't last long enough to boot up.

    I'm thinking that the disks may have become slightly less perfectly flat and if they can be perfectly flattened then I'll be able to get my 20 years of data off this drive!

    I have a new Seagate 500G installed but not the G-protected one (conflicts with the built-in MacBook G-protection technology apparently).

    I'm thinking of putting the HDD disks into phone books with weight on them for a few weeks as I can't think of any way to flatten them perfectly.

    Is there some kind of laser reader that you can slide disks into that will read them regardless of condition and be able to order the data properly so as to allow file recovery?
  2. yea i dont know much about that i know some of the big hard drive manufacters have a data recovery service but io believe its pricy idk.

    as for a disk reader even if such thing existed it would cost to much for us consumers. best bet is data recovery service
  3. Thx W - yeah, data recovery is too pricey and the laser reading technology seems to be in its infancy still for some reason. Seems kinda weird really that we've had CD players for over 20 years but haven't managed to refine that enough to read anything from old 78 records to modern hard-drive disks. Oh well! :)
  4. Its sad when such an interesting question gets spoiled with totally irrelevant things...

    Anyway, here is an HDD Benchmark that i just found!
  5. Gee thx d1517. Maybe you know how to delete my questions here as I can't seem to find a "delete" icon... that'd be helpful to all 3 of us.

    BTW - know anything about how to recalibrate the disks of an HDD?
  6. yea i found that hard drive benchmark to but it dos'nt say much about real time read and write benchies. i google searched it still did'nt find much. one would think tomshardware would quickly get a 2011 chart up that would give them some good exsposure and an edge seeing as how no-one no-where has any benchies up for late 2010 and early 2011 hard drive performance charts
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