Computer wont start up without switching it off again first


My computer wont start up on the first attempt. The fan just runs and runs. I have to turn the power off at the wall switch then back on, hit the computers on button and then it will start up as normal. I have to do this every time now. I shut the computer down properly every night. Is there something simple I can do myself to fix the problem?


John D
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  1. double post.
  2. Have you changed any components recently? Either the power switch lead is on the wrong pins, or the power supply may be too weak. Try removing and reconnecting the 20 or 24 pin atx lead and 12v lead off the ps to the motherboard. I also had a similar problem ocassionally on a new board. It disappeared when I changed the bios back to the MSI post screen, which is the default setting. Same thing for a similar biostar board.
  3. Thanks, Ill give it a try
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