Windows installs and finds new hard drive but doesnt appear in my comp

i just installed a caviar black 1tb hard drive on my computer. turned it on and windows did its thing. appears in device manager just not my computer.

motherboard: gigabyte GA 880ga-ud3h (could it be a plugged the sata into the 6gbs sata on the comp and thats why it isnt working)
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  1. check your Disk Manager.
  2. What OS are you using? I had a similar but slightly different event on an ASUS board. The HD also worked just fine and did show in all parts of Windows XP but it was not listed as a sata drive in the bios. The bios post messages listed it just not in the sata bios list. As a quick test connect it to the 3gig header. Using the 6 gig header does not yield better performance as the drive is 3gig max.
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    For windows 7 and vista-
    Go to control panel
    go to syste, and secrurity
    go to adminstrative tools
    click on computer managment
    click on disk managment
    if you can see the drive there. make sure it is formatted and allocated a drive letter.

    For windows xp-
    just go to control panel and open up administrative tools
    computer managment
    disk managment
    then format drive as above :)

    Hope the works for you :)
    Cheers sam :)
  4. thanks guys actually found the problem. had to format it.
  5. so for future reference - the OP had to go into disk management, FIRST create a partition THEN format it

    for vista, 7 AND xp its right click my computer -> manage -> disk management
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