How to flash SATA HDD (Samsung HD204UI) firmware?


Can anyone help me pointing me to a bootable media OS which supports SATA, can fit on a USB stick, and can boot from a USB stick?

I'm having some trouble flashing the HD204UI with regular DOS; it seems as if SATA is not supported.

Secondly I am a bit confused, because the samsung website says I should connect the HDD as Primary/Master, but this is only possible for IDE right?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  1. In your BIOS setup, temporarily reconfigure your SATA controller for legacy or IDE compatibility mode. This will make your SATA drives look like PATA (IDE).
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  2. Thank you for the reply!
    I'll let you know if it worked

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  3. this is old thread but for the community :
    ide mode wont work (error code = 50 during flashing) , you need to keep it in ahci mode :

    you can download the firmware here.
    "The first time I tried booting into DOS and updating the firmware, the upgrade failed, and a really helpful error message was displayed – “Unknown error, Status = 50, Error = 00”. I figured out that for the upgrade, the SATA mode in BIOS needs to be AHCI. If you get the error message, reboot, go into your BIOS and switch the SATA operating mode to AHCI. Now you should be able to upgrade the drive’s firmware.
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