Powercolor 4870 Temperature

I got a powercolor 4870 1GB a few days back. This the screenie for GPU-Z temperature monitoring UNDER LOAD.

Now, I am really worried about the last two temperatures.
MEMI0 (am not sure what that means, but I think its VRM temperatures?), is 92 under load max. Is that fine? Powercolor 4870 owners please respond. My card is NOT the PCS version, its with the custom cooler with one fan on it.
This is the card I am talking about:

Speeds as mentioned in the site: 770/900

Idle temperatures are around 54 C for GPU and 72 C for MEMIO
Ambient temperature is around 30 C

AMD Phenom II X3 720BE @ stock 2.8 GHz
4GB Transcend DDR3 1333
1 TB WD Caviar Green
Corsair 750TX
Windows 7 64 bit RC1 build 7100
Coolermaster 33x elite case midtower (with 1 120mm LED fan in front blowing air in, 1 120mm fan at rear blowing hot air out and 1 80mm fan on the side panel blowing air in)

Please let me know if everything is fine with the card. I cant find the normal temps for this card anywhere on the net.
oh, and i am running the latest drivers for everything. 9.5 catalyst for the card. I have one monitor (samsung 2233SW) and I am playing all my games at 1920x1080(mirrors edge, crysis, flatout 3 etc).
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  1. Well, if that is the max temperatures the card reaches, then you should be ok, as mine has topped 100C and survived. Though, that MEMIO temp is a little disturbing just because it is so far from the others. Again, on my cards (which have completely different coolers) those temps are much closer (and a bit lower). A 66 max on the DISPIO is excellent though.

    That is a nice looking cooler on there though. The fan looks to be running ok, correct? I wonder why it isn't recording a fan speed though too.
  2. Yep, the fan is running good. Sounds like a jet engine at that fan speed, lol.
    And, your card has survived these temps for how long? Are you talking about the GPU temperature or the MEMIO temps??
    And, as far as recording of fan speed is concerned, I think thats because my card does not support fan speed control thru ATI control Panel. I can only edit the fan settings from rivatuner.

    And the difference in temps is one other thing that worries me too... Well, thanks for the reply and keep me posted about your temperatures too....
  3. The 105C was on DISPIO (which is the one normally reported as the GPU temp). I don't know what the others were at the time. True, it wasn't for very long. It was only one game, SH4, that would send temps skyrocketing with AF on. Since then I swapped out the cooler since that scared me. 80C is fine I think, though I agree 92 is a hair high. I wish we knew what these probes pointed to (or how accurate they are). I mean, is MEMIO the memory? It shouldn't be that hot though. Hopefully some Powercolor owners will chime in, as each card and card BIOS can be different (and my cards are Asus and XFX).
  4. Just outta interest, how long have you had your cards for?
  5. The Asus one I bought a week after they came out (I originally bought one when they came out from another brand, but it was DOA) and the XFX I just bought a week or so ago. I replaced the Asus single slot cooler a few weeks ago.
  6. come on powercolor owners, help the brother out...
    Even if you have the PCS version, please let me know the temps.
  7. bump
  8. ive got the same card and i control my fan speeds via CCC you have to click on the padlock for starters to unlock the overclock facility otherwise its locked and the fan speed is set to 0 which i think is very bizzare! once the padlock shows open tick the box enable fan control and set it to 55% for an idle temp of 40`c

    hope this helps!
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