Should I use Window 7 for Asrock Extreme X58 mobo?

The Asrock Extreme x58 is coming home in a few days, and I also have Win7 ready. After hearing from a couple sources that there are some problems with this motherboard drivers when you freshly install Win7, I wonder if I should still install it anyway. Anyone know if Asrock has fix this issue with new bio/driver update? I searched around but couldn't find any information on this issue. If anyone had this problem, can you please share your experiences, and how did you solve it and/or tips. I just want to avoid unnecessary problem that could waste lots of time when I build and install my new rig. Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. Windows 7 didn't find the lan driver on one of my boards; just go to asrock's website and download it. Some vista drivers also work with windows 7. Or you can use a spare pc and download and burn a cd with the drivers ahead of time. It doesn't take long.
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