How can i fit a x1950 xtx in a dell optiplex gx620 case?

i have a radeon x1950 xtx that i just bought. when i went to put the graphics card in my computer (dell optiplex gx620 the full sized tower)the heatsink was in the way. is there any way to get a new heatsink that will work or any other way that i am missing to put this all together?

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You can buy smaller heat sinks, search on newegg. I wouldn't start doing that sort of thing unless you know what you are doing, though a cheep 1950 is probably the best place to learn in case you break it :).

    Is there another card inteh way, or something else? If it is a card perhaps you could movie it.

    You have to make sure to consider things like space before you get a graphics card, though I can't imagine a 1950 cost you much to worry about that. Just buy a 4670 which is much smaller and roughly the same performance.
  2. There are no other cards in the way. The graphics card is just too long. That is a good idea on the smaller heatsink, but I am worried about overheating. Will a smaller heatsink be able to cool my cpu enough with the additional heat added from the graphics card?
  3. What is a safe operating temperature for my cpu, and will a smaller heatsink be able to cool it ?
  4. I think the Dell Optiplex GX260 has a AGP slot only for graphics card upgrades.
  5. My computer has a PCI- Express slot for the graphics card.
  6. You might want to consider a card with a smaller HSF design.
  7. 1950xtx what a nice card. Such high power idnex fror nothing

    1+9+5=15 +x ;/ old trubos suck
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