USB pinouts: Antec 900 > Giga EP45-UDR3R Front-panel connections

First build Antec 750, Antec 900 > Giga EP45-UDR3R
I just mounted the mobo, HDD's, and DVD-burners - now I am making connections. My question is about the Front-panel connections. The big one is: are the USB pins the same? See, I read that Gigabyte had some non-standard pin arrangement - perhaps in the past? I dont like toasting components and this is my first build, so I thought I might as well ask.

Any pointers on making the other connections for front panel, fans, and power are welcome. Theres more to it that I thought, but Im learning much as I go and I enjoy the process. Im just wary at this point bc I dont want to fry anything.

Wishing You Happy Electrons!
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  1. I have the UD3R board, and it works fine with my one-size-fits-all USB motherboard connector coming from my case (tested them all with a USB flash stick to make sure).

    I'd say test the ports by sticking an old (preferably cheap) USB flash disk or other comparatively cheap piece of hardware (I have an old 32MB drive that I repaired for just this purpose).

    One pointer that I have for you, however, is make the connections before installing PCI and PCI-E cards. It'll make life a whole lot simpler, and you'll actually be able to see what you're doing. While this may seem like a no-brainer, you would be surprised how many times I have either forgotten to do it or was lazy and unwilling to do it.
  2. Yes, thanks i was reading the Giga installation quide and the order is sort of wacky - I mounted my HDD's and will install my cards last. Good point. Thank you

    ps: I am checking the pinout diagrams - they look like a match. Its my first build and I did read about some funky Giga USB pinouts (perhaps in the past?) - so I figure its best to ask.

    I do have a USB drive that I can use to test - great idea. I also will test the CF card reader with an old microdrive - at last - something its good for lolo
  3. The only thing that I remember about building (Antec 900, GA-EP3-DS3P, Q9550) my system was that I installed the PSU last.
  4. Only 'gotcha' that I know of is to not confuse the firewire connector with a USB connector. (why don't they change the pinout for firewire???)
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