Which drivers would be best for overclocking nvidia geforce 9800gt?

Hi all,
I want overclock my 9800gt......it works well when overclocked to 650\1625\1000........when I overclock more it lags me out harshly.........are my drivers unable to handle???.........my psu is of 450 watts..................which drivers would be best for overclocking this thing??? Thanks in advance
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  1. The stock cooling for the 9800gt have always been crap so replace that first before doing any serious overclocking. 700mhz core is to be expected and 1.7-1.8ghz shader. The mem is going to be the disappointing part as with any 9800gt. I got both 65 and 55nm versions, the 55nm is the best for overclocking. The EE or green editions are the worst for overclocking.
  2. The worst temp that I ever had with my 9800gt was when the fan lost power and the card heated up to 121c before I had realized the failure. It ran with out issue for half an hour at those temps and still no artifacts nor bsod. Passive with a VF900 isn't the best idea.
  3. Actually, here, I am not concerned about heating coz


    When I try to overclock to higher limits it starts lagging or should I have to give it some time to make overclocked settings compatible???
    I have latest drivers 258.96whql and Physx............before it used to get overclocked to max but after installing new set of drivers it has started showing it's colour.
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    I find it hard to believe your cpu/gpu temps at idle are 8c/14c and during Crysis your cpu/gpu temps are 15c/21c.

    Unless you live in Siberia...

    yes, it is true.....if you believe
  5. Quote:
    No it's not true. Either your readings are completely wrong or you keep your computer in the freezer. A cpu cannot idle at 46f unless the room is below freezing.

    I have done that once and I don't recommend it and it is dangerous without the right proper clothing. The lowest idle temp that I had on a cpu was a meager 4c on air and this was in the middle of winter.
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    That could only happen if you didn't heat your house for 3 days in the middle of winter. Otherwise it's impossible.

    I didn't have to all I did was open the window one day when it was windy. Sure we may roast in 40c+ heat in the summer but on rare occasions we do get an arctic blast that can freeze the plumbing. I don't live in the UK unlike most of you.
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    Most of us do not live in the UK. LOL

    In fact most of us live in the US.

    Then what state rich boy? Come down to Texas and enjoy our heat and dry climate. I do not take kindly to city slickers.
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    I live in Tampa Bay. Come down here and enjoy our hot, sticky climate ranch boy. You wouldn't last a week with 90% humidity.

    I have been to Florida but down hear in Texas the heat can be deadly and in come places in the cities it can top 115f easily on a hot day. When you feel the heat through your work boots then you know its hot. I once had the rear view mirror fall off when the glue (old car) melted that mounted it on the windshield. On one occasion the transformer behind my old house overheated and vented. In the summer you better have a decent UPS if you ever want to live in Dallas, power failure is somewhat common.
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