Windows xp failing to install, SATA hard drive doesn't show up in bios.

I built a computer recently for the intent of gaming. Before I installed my CD drive, I checked the bios to see if anything was wrong. My hard drive showed up on the list and everything was fine. I then install my CD drive and it does not show up on the list, nor does the OS install. All I get is the error message, "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter".

Please note that there was NEVER on this hard drive before, every single part is new and has not been used before.
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  1. Sounds like the hard drive is failing, did you listen to it for any clicking or anything? I have had that error message before and it was due to a failed drive.

    You can try plugging the HDD into a different sata port, it may be that there is a problem with the port it is plugged into.
  2. I have tried every sata port before, and the hard drive doesnt make any noises.

    The thing is that it showed up in the bios before I installed the CD drive.

    I don't understand why it won't now.
  3. Does it show up when the cd drive isn't installed? If it does, the RMA the board. If it doesn't, can you try hooking up the drive to a different computer and seeing if it shows up there? If it won't show up on a different computer, then RMA the HDD.
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