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I am currently using Windows 2000 and I converted my harddrive to NTFS. Now, when I create an image using Easy CD creator's Take Two I can't install the image because it can't "see" my NTFS drive. So, I purchased Norton Ghost 2002. What a mistake and a waste of money. The box states that it will make an image and be compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP but what the back of the box doesn't state is that it doesn't read NTFS drives ( I didn't find that out until I read the manual). Even when I reformatted my drive to FAT 32 my Ghost image did not work correctly.

My REAL question: What backup software will allow me to do a complete backup of an NTFS partition that will acutally work correctly? All I want to do is make an image of my C: drive (that is on an NTFS partition) and install it on another harddrive with an NTFS partition and have the new drive bootup correctly.
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  1. what version of Windows 2000 you have?

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  2. You may need to update Easy CD Creator, or switch to an alternate burning program, such as Nero 5.5.

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    There has been an ongoing problem with using Take Two in Win2K, and it is generally recommended that this component not be installed ... or at the very least, patched.

    I'd also suggest that you install the latest Service Pack for Win2K, if you have not already done so. This can be downloaded from Windows Update.


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