Need sound through HDMI with Geforce 9600gt and a 790i motherboard

I'm trying to figure out how to get my Geforce 9600gt graphics card to pass sound through the hdmi adapter. I've read that I need a spdif connector cable but I'm unsure of where that cable is suppose to go on the 790i motherboard. Are there suppose to be some exposed pins near the sound outputs on the motherboard?
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  1. its not possible for Nvidia only video can passthrew the HDMI port. as of now only ATI cards can do both sound and video on the HDMI port
  2. captaincharisma said:
    its not possible for Nvidia only video can passthrew the HDMI port. as of now only ATI cards can do both sound and video on the HDMI port

    Well the video card came with a 2 pin spdif cable that attaches from the 2 pins on the card to somewhere on a mother board or soundcard. I'm just not sure where on the motherboard I'm suppose to attache it.
  3. if that's the case then just get the manual for your mobo and it will show you where it is located. if you do not have the manual just go to the website of the manufacturer that makes your mobo and download it from there
  4. Ok so when all else fails, read the manual - DOH I'm such a noob! After you posted that, I figured it out in about 3 minutes!

    It works! The geforce 9600gt has a small area with 2 pins next a larger area of six. The spdif crossover cable pops right in there and the other end goes into the spdif area between the pci slots. I believe it was around area 12. Once I looked at the manual, it was easy to spot. Here is a link to the pdf of the manual -
    On page 13 its area 24!

    So yes, a Nvidia geforce 9600gt can have audio pass through it if you use an hdmi adpater from dvi. Of course it only took a whole day to figure it out. . .

    Thanks for the help!
  5. You need to direct out sound from SPDIF in nVidia cards.
  6. Some nvidia cardas can do audio, but only 2 channel LPCM or 5.1 compressed. ATI cards can do 7.1 LPCM
  7. The graphics card will only have audio when there is a hdmi input, not 2 dvis because dvi is only capable of transferring video while hdmi is capable of both therefore the dvi adapter won't get better video and not audio. In fact maybe even worse than DVI and also most monitors don't have speakers.
  8. Dual Link DVI ports can be converted to HDMI using D-DVI to HDMI converter. ATi cards are capable of producing uncompressed sound through HDMI. Whereas nVidia cards use HDMI port for uncompressed video only. They need to direct out sound from SPDIF port.
  9. OK, the OP already answered this, but we've discussed it here before with other nV solutions like the Zotac ones, and most of the new GTXs. Some with SPDIF headers, some with coax or optical sPDIF inputs. The HDMI can carry audio, but yes that is correct it is only SPDIF audio... which along with DRM is the limitation as to 2 channel LPCM or 5.1 DD/DTS not the passthrough + HDMI itself. You could always go the Azuretech solution route, but that's an added expense.

    ResC you can do audio via DVI, and also the adapters don't offer significant degradation of signal, far less than even going from 6ft to 12ft of HDMI cable.

    Anywhoo, kingqball, glad you figured it out. Always fun the quest for self-improvement or the realization, hey maybe I should RTFM, we all have those moments. ;)
  10. guys sorry to dug up and old thread but, im having the same issue with a 9600GT and a gigabyte GA-956P-DS4 mobo.

    Ive got my spdif from my geforce but only have a spdif input on the mobo (input - input?) im an epic newb, where is the output on my mobo?
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