Another is it bottlenecking thread.


This is in one of my machines.

AMD Sepron 3400+

256KB L2 Cache
TDP = 62W
Cool’n’Quiet supported
1.4B Vcore
Clock @ 1.8Ghz

512MB DDR2 Ram

160GB Seagate Sata HDD


Will this system bottleneck a low profile 8400GS @ 512MB? This isn't for gaming, just probably making some miniture spread sheets, microsoft word documents, and HD content, with some web surfing.

I am thinking of getting a blu-ray drive some day, but I don't know if the computer will be bottleneck with some component. The 8400GS can decode HD stuff though. Thanks for suggestions!
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  1. For general use, you will be fine. Bottlenecking is only a problem with gaming.
  2. Ahh I understand, bt do you think a CPU upgrade is nesscesary? I was thinking either the 5000+ AMD Athlon or the 4850e. Which one do you reccomend?
  3. Your fine til you get into HD content.
  4. For the limited use you have planned, I would say not really.

    Heres a good article discussing HD decoding,2030-9.html

    Part 3 of that series pits a 2600 and a 2400 vs 8600 and 8400, however all those tests were on a Core2 machine. My guess is the 8400 should have enuf muscle to handle the HD, but an upgrade to a dual-core in the 2.2-2.6Ghz range would help incase it doesnt.
  5. amd=Bottleneck, watered down trailer park cpu
  6. When this cpu was out, it was Intel that was crap. Nice telling the OP that his/her cpu is trailer park, tho in iots day, it put a beat down on anything Intel
  7. Sepron is old, but the GeForce 8400GS can handle HD content.
  8. sharken said:
    amd=Bottleneck, watered down trailer park cpu

    Sharken=fanboi, pure unadulterated trailer trash
  9. ^ Wow nice, lol. I would consider an upgrade though if you want anything over 1080p. I'm not sure if the vid. card can handle that res. But for sure it can handle 72op
  10. sharken said:
    amd=Bottleneck, watered down trailer park cpu

    Pure stupidity and ignorance right there.

    I used to use an AMD 3500+ and an AMD 4400+ (which my wife now uses). In their day, they were the way to go. Intel was lacking at the time. AMD was where it was at. Today things are different. Tomorrow though, who knows.

    Set up properly, and using the right software, your GPU may actually be able to handle that HD encoding/decoding. At least that's what nVidia has touted for some time now.
  11. gay md sucks, Generic brand X never suffices
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