GA-MA790XT AM3 ?, Next month buy. Need help?

Next month, i'm going to order...


AMD P. II x4 AM3 / 3.2gig (995 Deneb)

EVGA GeForce 9600 GSO 512MB



AuzenTech AZT-FORTE X-Fi Forte 7.1 Low Profile PCI Express

Here are a Few ?s i need help with... I would like answers, from people who have this Motherboard... these are specific to the layout...

1.) This board, i was reading its a Cross fire board...? right... if so... will i have problems putting in a GeForce card? will i have conflicts and such?
a.) (i'm going to be buying 2 of them), how do i SLI them together...? is there, that cable that hooks them together, does it come with the VID, or the MOBO.? ... if I dont get them, can i buy them seperate...? (sorry for the dumb ?), i have not built a new pc in 5 years... trying to pick up on this new stuff...

2.) CPU cooler / i will be getting this cooler, and 8gigs of ram, Do you think this cooler will fit, with all 4 banks of ram. (or will i have to move the fan on the other side...?) any sugestions would help... thanks.

3.) Auz Forte / now, i'm wondering... what spot i can install this card at... I would like to put it in the first slot, but will it bump or not install, because of the Northbridge heat sink... or will it just barely clear it..? any sugestions would help. thanks.

I think that is it... thanks all.
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  1. 1) One graphics card of any brand is no problem. But if you want to SLi, that's not possible on this board. And there's no point in 2x 9600GSO SLi since for the same amount of $ spent you'll get more performance from a better single graphics card. Don't fall into the 'SLi/Crossfire as an upgrade' trap. The real purpose of SLi/Crossfire is meant for gaining more performance than the fastest single card can achieve.

    2) As long as you don't use RAM with tall-heatspeaders (which you aren't) then there's no problem with hanging the fan over RAM slots.

    3) The section where the PCIe 1 x passes through, you can see height of the heatsink in the area has been reduced to the height of PCIe slot.
  2. Thanks "WUZY"

    u say, SLI is not posible... I'm wondering why... is it because its a cross fire or is it because the slots are too far apart... ???
  3. Quote:
    u say, SLI is not posible... I'm wondering why... is it because its a cross fire or is it because the slots are too far apart... ???

    It's a chipset licensing issue. nVidia only allows SLi to work on their chipsets and Intel X58.
  4. Thanks...

    well, i'v been online for a few hours now... and i'm 2nd guess my self, of what to buy...

    1.) i'v always been a Nvidia fan, and ATI has to may bugs.
    2.) I want Phisix in my games...

    I need help, with trying to deside , should i take a chance, and go for ATI.. but i want phisix...

    i'v been strugleing for 6 months now... and everything is telling me to stay with nvidia...

    but these mother boards, all are ATI... WHY.. I Just want to screem...
  5. If you are sold on nVidia GPUs and want to run SLI, you'll need to go to something like the GA-M750SLI-DS4:
    I am not an nVidia fan, myself, owing to numerous run-ins with driver bugs, culminating in a week spent trying to find a random halt in a 40,000 line Excel macro that turn out to be a known, but undocumented flaw in, once again, an nVidia driver; in addition, I'm ticked at them in general for hijacking the much-vaunted ESA "open standard" that is open only if you have an nVidia chipset. I am wary now, too, about ATI, with whom I've always gotten great support - I really didn't want to see them purchased by AMD! I always prefer that my chipset be made by the same manufacturer as my CPU (but, then again, I prefer that to be Intel) as I feel it results in a more 'tightly-coupled' system. Be aware that, like the GA-MA790XT you were looking at, this MOBO only supports PCIeX16 on a single slot - if you use 'em both, both boards will 'kick the slots down' to X8; also, to run a physics coprocessor along with SLI video acceleration, don't you need three PCIe slots? I'm not sure about this as I don't game, and I don't do nVidia or AMD...
  6. i was looking on Nvida site, i guess u can have phisix on 1 , 2 , or 3 Card config. with the latest 180 drivers... i thought it had to be its own card... but not now, i guess.

    i'll keep looking... at the products.... see what i come up with.
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