Added 2 new drives (raid1) and now no post ga-p55a-u

Hi Guys. Hopefully someone is around to help me with my little dilemma. I have just built a new I5 750 system and I used a gigabyte GA-P55A-U board. I ordered 3 hard drives. A 60 gb WD SSD for the operating system and 2 samsung spin point 1tb drives for a raid1 array for safe storage. The raid drives were taking a wile to arrive so I set up the system and loaded win7 64 without them and I guess not loading the raid drivers. I am now trying to set up the 2 new drives as raid storage and windows will not load. I went through the manual and set up the raid array in bios and set the boot order to boot off of the ssd, but no post. I am thinking that I need to delete the os and start fresh with the raid drivers at the initial install but I am not sure how to do that at this point. Help please.
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  1. Ok, I have been reading the manual better and it looks like I did not configure raid correctly. But I am having a difficult time with part of it. It says I am supposed to go into the marvell bios setup and press enter on HBA 0 : Marvell 0 , then select my drives. When ever I press enter on the line it brings up a gray box that says configuration wizard and freezes up. Do I need to flash the bios or something?
  2. Yes, you need to install the RAID driver (I think ICHR10, for your Intel based board?), even though the SSD is not part of the RAID array.

    And I do believe you have to re-install Windows. I can't believe Windows didn't install it of first boot up after RAID set up. That's what leads me to believe a fresh install is needed.

    As far as your 2nd post, you probably need to go into your BIOS, set the SATA controller to RAID, then on boot up, you'll be able to go into the RAID setup to choose your drives during the BIOS post.

    Sorry if I'm wrong, I'm unfamiliar with your mobo. It is Intel P55 based, right?
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