Bios doesnt see my sata hard drive, when my IDE drive is connected


I recently had to reformat my C drive (again), because of some dumb Windows XP screw-up. I successfully reinstalled Windows XP on my sata C drive. Everything here is fine, except:

When I plug my IDE slave D drive in, while the sata C drive is also plugged in, Bios does not list my sata C drive. It seems that the IDE slave drive takes priority, because the sata C drive is not even detected. Of course, I need them both to be detected, but bios doesnt even display the C sata drive when I am trying to boot windows xp off of it, or when I try to change the boot order.

My question is, how do I get bios to see both of my drives? How can I have it see the Sata drive while the IDE slave drive is plugged in?

Thanks kindly for your help.

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  1. What motherboard or computer model do you have?
  2. ASUS M4A78L-M DDR2 1066 AM3/AM2+

    I built the computer myself. Need any more info from me?
  3. In the BIOS is your SATA drive set up in IDE mode or AHCI mode?
  4. Thanks, but it appears to be working now.
  5. Did you fix anything, or is it just a change in the phase of the moon? :)
  6. Well, it began to see both drives. BIOS was reading my sata drive in the 6th drive position, somehow. They were both showing, but it was automatically giving priority to my data slave drive. I solved the issue by abandoning Windows XP and going with Ubuntu. :D
  7. Ubuntu is a good option for older XP computers.
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