New Tom's Steam Group

We had a little chat on the Gaming forums and realized there was no group, so I created one for anyone interested :sarcastic:

Join if you'd like.

(Yes I do realize this is absolutely off topic, but I'm counting on my good looks to keep me from getting ripped apart by Ape or any other mod :whistle: )

>> Made another thread about this on the CPU forum to get the word out :kaola: <<
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  1. Whats this steam about ?
  2. Well ur using a copyright name, thats what u should be worried about :) Lets hope THG isn't anal about this type of stuff:D
  3. Do we have 3d clans like guru ?
  4. I made this 1:

    LOL I have a website coming as soon as I pay off m Visa.:)

    I'm tired of ppl going to Best Buy Geek Squad lopping down 50$ and somtimes not resovling the problem:D

    SO I made this where ppl can CS or CSS or w.e game and still ask computer questions or just show off their hardware.

    The website will also have video tutorials, pictures, and other fun computer related junk. As soon as I get a full team that I can divide among the website:)

    both are going to be under: (and .org) but are not up yet, I did pay for the domain names and have contract for 5 years.
  5. sorry for my noobness but how to you join this group? I got a steam account with cs:source and id be down with joining, so how it do?
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