Esata issues on a Windows 7 desktop

Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help or give me some suggestions to correct some eSata problems I'm having.

I have a Gateway SX2800 desktop which has a Systemboard with Intel G43 Chipset + ICH10. It is running Windows 7.
I bought a Western Digital external hard drive (model WDH1CS15000N) which has an eSata connection.
I was planning to use the esata hard drive as an always on 2nd hard drive to store video and pictures (kind of like a slave drive and not for backup).

Unfortunately I'm having a hard time getting the Window 7 to recognize the hard drive via esata. Sometimes it will recognize it via the esata connection but most times it will not. In addition, Windows seems to freeze up prior to the start menu on the rare occasion when Window 7 does recognize the eSata drive and I restart. When I unplug the eSata cord the OS will then have no problem getting to the start log in menu.

I've downloaded the latest driver for the hard drive and I've followed directions found on here to change the Msahci registry key to zero (I think AHCI mode is already set in BIOS). None of these things have resolved my issues.

The usb connection seems to work fine but I don't want to give up on eSata yet. Any suggestions or help to get the esata connection working would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Try updating the chipset (even if you have the latest), as I suspect that like USB, a chipset update may update the esata controller and in turn, "kick start" it.
  2. Hi buwish, thanks for taking the time to reply. I was able to update the chipset and the esata drive appears to connect more readily when the OS is already on but it still will not pick up the hard drive when I start up. The WD esata drive does not appear at all in the BIOS menu but strangely my Seagate usb external backup hard drive does.
    Could this be a problem that I'm using two external hard drives in addition to the internal hard drive?
    Would anyone know how I get the WD esata to show up as a bootable option in BIOS?
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    It should show up as a USb bootable device, but first we have to check a few things.

    1) Is your bios able to boot to eSata devices?
    2) Are you using a plain WD essenitals drive or an elements(comes with a smart drive for password protection) external?
    3) Is your Wd external having a drive letter/path conflict? You may need to go to "right click" 'computer' or my computer > manage > disk management and see if it appears in that list. If you see the drive in there then you will likely need to change its its letter/path to one not being used by the system,

    Good luck
  4. I am having the exact same issue with a Toshiba eSATA drive. I usually have to boot my system first, then turn on the external drive. It may take several attempts, but eventually Windows will see it.
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