Upgrading CPU - Confirming: Do I need to reformat?

Hi all,

I surfed the web and found my answer that I do *not* need to do a fresh clean reformat/reinstall of my OS if I am just upgrading my CPU. It makes sense to perform a clean install of an OS when making a big overhaul of your computer especially the motherboard, the foundation of it all etc.

Anyway I wanted to confirm with all of you if I needed to do anything special when upgrading my current CPU to my new CPU:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ (2.0 Ghz)


AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ (3.1 Ghz)

I think the only thing I installed on my system (which was just reformated with a clean install of an OS) was the AMD Dual Core Optimizer application. Would I need to uninstall this before I make the upgrade?

And I am thinking 65nm processor architecture the better choice these days compared to 90nm? Or does it not really matter with this CPU?

Thanks all for the help!
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  1. The 90nm is slightly faster (it has more cache), the 65nm consumes less power and overclocks higher. I'd flash the bios, especially if you get the 65nm version, just in case. Good luck!
  2. No need to reformat. You only need to reformat if you install a new motherboard chipset.
  3. Just make sure that your motherboard will support the new CPU. It probably would not hurt to reinstall the dual core optimizer.
  4. No need to reinstall but monitor your temps carefully after you swap out the cpu.

    Make sure you apply new thermal paste - clean the old from the base of the HSF first.

    Good luck.

    The 6000+ is a good cpu but it does get quite a bit hotter.

    Clean your case fans while your messing with the job ... tidy up the cables inside so the air flows easily too.
  5. soloman02 said:
    No need to reformat. You only need to reformat if you install a new motherboard chipset.

    Not true, i think microsoft changed their mind or maybe from what i hear without confirmation you can active 3 time your oem vista. My board bios went out 1 month ago and i decided to change my board because i had many problem with it. So i changed my board but i was scared about reformat or not the os. Pop-up opened after 2 reboot to ask me to activate the os, i clicked Active and was succes. But i am scared again because i want to change my hard drive ( format is require ) i don't know if i can reactivate again or not. I think its when you change the CPU. Not sure
  6. You shouldn't need to reformat, but I would think about it. Just make sure to uninstall and then reinstall that AMD optimizer. Anyway you should be fine with that CPU. It's a Brisbane Core so it won't run as hot as the Windsor 6000+, but it won't overclock as well either :).
  7. Thanks all for the help!
  8. Thanks again everybody, worked like a charm. Opened new CPU+heatsink, cleaned old paste, applied AC5, installed and updated bios, works perfectly.

    I use windows xp pro sp3 by the way for any readers browsing by.
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