Xp does not see hard drives but bios does.

Hello, I have a friend that asked me to fix his computer. He said that he reformatted it and now does not know what to do. So i thought that it would be a simple OS install but when i put the xp install in and boot the disk it says the hard drive is not accessible. but it does see it. Iv changed all the jumpers all around in every way and nothing plz help! Also Iv tried changing the format but gparted does not see it. Also the bios sees it.
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  1. No system specs = No help. Sorry.
  2. SATA drive? Set the controller to native IDE mode. But he is right^ all we can do is make wild guess's without some specs.
  3. The BIOS sees only the drive interface. It actually doesn't try to do anything with the drive until it boots - or tries to.

    That's one reason that XP may not be able to see the drive.

    Does Disk Management see the drive?
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