New system wont boot! Hard drive is not detected...

Hi, I just finished fixing up all the parts and now I have problem booting it up. It says that the hard drive is not detected. I checked in the setup and the SATA port is detected and it list down the information of the hard drive. What should i do? I'm sure that the connection is correct. Thank you.

My system:
Intel E6400
3GB 800 Mhz
WD 250 GB Sata Drive
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  1. bossuwe said:
    Hi, I just finished fixing up all the parts and now I have problem booting it up. It says that the hard drive is not detected. I checked in the setup and the SATA port is detected and it list down the information of the hard drive. What should i do? I'm sure that the connection is correct. Thank you.

    My system:
    ASUS P5QL Pro
    ASUS HD4850
    Intel E6400
    3GB 800 Mhz
    WD 250 GB Sata Drive

    had a similar problem here too,only it was my ide hdd wasn't turned on in the bios,,maybe????
  2. did you install the SATA drivers by hitting f6 during the prompt when installing windows?

    you still need to install them even if you can see the HD in the bios.

    I just did the same thing 10 min ago with my new comp
  3. wtf i didnt need to install any SATA drivers! :O
  4. hmmm its an old Hard drive from my previous comp and it has windows installed in it...
  5. oh. i thought you were supposed to wipe a hard drive before using it with a new motherboard/system in general?
  6. Really need you to be a bit more clear.
    "It says the HD is not detected."
    What is "It?" BIOS? XP?
    Have you selected "plug and play OS" in the BIOS?
    Did you connect the SATA power or just the SATA cable?

    You can boot from your XP CD and try to do a repair, but really you should just back up your files, reformat, and re-install.
  7. This is what exactly the screen said just after the setup option page.

    Disk Information:
    -No Hard Disk is Detected

    Then the system will just keep on restarting and repeat that cycle.
    I did connect both SATA power n the SATA cable. I just don't know what is wrong.
  8. Try switching the SATA port and using another cable.

    See if you can boot from your XP disk and perform a repair.
  9. Actually it is detected now but it wont boot windows. Do i have to get a clean windows install?
  10. Yes.
  11. Is there anyway to get the hard drive to work? I didn't backup the files because I thought i could use it again.
  12. Do a repair install, or buy a new hard drive.
  13. I have this same problem but whenever I try to boot from CD it just goes to a blank screen so I can't format/repair. Pulling my hair out any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hold it I see you just said" I try to boot from CD".

    First do you have a CD-RW Drive on your computer???

    If not the next best thing is a CD-RW DVD Rom which some is still available.

    If you try to boot to from a DVD stop right there. It will not work. The laser beams on the DVD are different, the speeds and reads are different. Since you said CD you need a CD-RW installed because it is a wider beam and slower Speed and it is designed to read CD's. A DVD is designed to read DVD only.

    I had that same problem about almost 2 months ago. After my original CD-RW drive died on me, I thought I was OK with the latest DVD I had here. This DVD is supposed to read CD's and do dual layer plus minus DVD Read and Write. Well shortly after this I had to reformat my HD because the latest Security patch by MS screwed up the OP system. When I tried to do the format to boot to the CD Windows program Disc I had, a complete no go. Kept trying and then it finally dawned on me. Shoot, I had to look hard to find me a used CD-RW. I installed it and the hardware wiz found it. Now I was able to boot to the XP Disc and the rest worked just fine.

    I predicted this to a lot of friends that I know who have computers. When the CD-RW disappears many are going to have problems using CD to boot into the main program of XP Windows on their disc. It will not work on the DVD drive at all unless it is a combo drive > example CD-RW/DVD Rom or DVD Rom/CD-RW. This combo type drive has the ability to change and flip from DVD to CD-RW.

    On a pure DVD yes it can read it but only a few and I have tried it myself, because it is primarly designed for DVD only and not CD. Big difference.

    This is how I found out the hard way myself > (I inserted a good well known reliable trusty CD disc that has data written in it, and put it into my DVD and it cannot pick it up at all. Then I inserted this same disc into the CD-RW/DVD Rom combo and viola it was able to read it and presto you can see the files. I then inserted this into a plain CD-RW drive and presto it shows up.)

    All Windows operating System Discs XP and their SP2 and SP3 all have to be read by a CD-RW drive or Combo Drive. None of It will work on DVD. Last thing to mention make sure you got the order of telling the OS the boot start up order. I have as follows: CD, then hard drive then floppy. If you have hard drive first, you will never get to the boot CD drive because it will always boot first from your hard drive. This is the read order of the boot set up. So flip it around. OK.

    After you do this, I should also mention to make sure your BIOS has the latest drivers for the particular unit you are using. To update it you need to flash the BIOS, and the way to do that is via a floppy. So the boot order should read floppy, CD and then Hard drive. Don't try to flash the BIOS yourself. Call Microsoft Tech support and have them on the phone telling you the step by step process while your doing the BIOS. One mistake in the procedure you can render your mobo obsolete!!!! OK Once your done with the flash if you needed to do that, then change the order back to CD, Hard Drive and then floppy.

    I think I covered everything.

    Hope this helps

    good luck

  15. I've got a similar problem with an old Dell Dimension 8400 running XP home. It will boot until the screen just appears and the mouse is there, then crashes. Tried safe mode with same results. It is using a factory sata drive. I booted using the XP CD and went to repair mode, which stated it did not find any hard drives. No raid configuration. tried to reinstall and still no HD detected. Bios sees it, it will partially boot to it then crash. How do I get to this drive to do anything?

    The error, if it matters, is BAD_POOL_CALLER, STOP 0XC2 (0X43, 0XDB962000, 0X0, 0X0)

    I've already tried different sata ports, but i dont think thats the issue since it will see it from bios and try booting from it.

  16. Kelly, do you have a CD-RW or a CD-RW/DVD combo drive attached to your system.

    Yes you will see in the bios config saying it not find it. Several things can go wrong here.

    First check that connection to your hard drive. Look at the pins and make sure all is properly straight. Then check that little connector on the side of it, and make sure it is set to cable select. Not master or Slave.

    Once you have that then turn on your system and then look at the set up and make sure your boot sequence is set to first CD, then Hard Drive and then to floppy.

    Then exit out of it, then insert the Windows XP in the CD-RW drive or that combo drive as mentioned before.

    Then shut down the system. Wait minimum of 20 seconds. Then start it up again. This time it should detect the Windows XP and it should boot from that CD. If you have a new hard drive you will have to do a fresh install, so that requires steps to format the hard drive to a NTFS system. Just follow its instructions. You will also be given the option to create partitions. I suggest you do, and keep one partition minimum of 30gigs. That one is the main partition your going to put your XP program and everything else in such as windows etc.

    If you still see the Hard drive not being detected>

    Then you either got a bad cable or did not connect it right or you got a bad hard drive. Don't forget that little two pin connector on your hard drive and make sure it is on cable select.

    Most of the time it is the cable connection, so make sure it is in the right place to your mobo, and on the hard drive itself and it is fully pushed in.

    You should be able to detect the hard drive. This is the very first thing that needs to be done.

    Good luck

  17. Dave,

    I do have 2 DVD drives, one of which is RW. The boot CD (master) is ROM. I have already disconnected their ribbon cable and booted with no change.

    You stated bios didnt find it, but I said bios DID find it...dont believe bios is the problem. I have reset bios to defaults and set boot sequence to CD, HD, there is no floppy drive.

    Cable is ok and seated well (ie, will boot but crashes when gui loads)

    The western digital 7500 did not show pin layouts on it, but a search did not show sata had master, slave or CS, only 150MB transfer speed, normal, spread spectrum disabled, and factory test connectors. Tried all but factory test setting.

    Please advise...and thanks again.
  18. Hi krmayo

    I myself have a ancient dell 8100, and I think you know how old this one is. I do believe you said 8400 series is your system.

    Did you get a new mobo for the dell system or are you still using the original and inserted the new SATA drive to it? If you bought a Sata and used this on the old system 8400 mobo, I don't think they had Sata mobos at that time period. The 8400 came out right after the 8100 of I remember correctly. I know my 8100 does not have a sata connection and for me to use a SATA hard drive I would have to insert a converter to fit to the mobo slot. Even then I don't know if it will work.

    I am not sure and I don't know what you did. If you have the 8400 you should still see the green lights at the back of the tower??? > do you have such???. There should be no yellow lights showing. All should be green. Then again I have this on my 8100.

    Also I have stuck around with the ATI 133 version and not installed the SATA. To do so I don't think my original mobo would support a sata, since it is a old dell mobo. The problem with the ATI is they are getting less and less being available as most are heading to SATA.

    Hmmm, there is one person who I believe is the expert, and its Xthekidx

    He is in the forum here mostly on rebuilding new systems.

    I don't know if you simply installed a new hard drive, or completely rebuilt it, or what.

    The description I gave was what I found that went wrong with my system and discovered why I could not boot to a windows XP. You need to get that boot to CD working to get your hard drive formatted to NTFS etc.

    The other one you described to me sounds so familiar, and my other fix if I remember correctly, was I shut down the system, and took out all the memory rams, and wiped it, and snapped it back in and presto the system came alive and read all my hardware and even booted properly.

    I am not even in USA and everything I have done I did myself doing trial and error and once in awhile called dell on the troubleshoot regarding the light codes on the back of my tower. I do know two greens, two yellow side to side, it is the ram memory, and when these lights are split like green yellow green yellow it is the hard drive not being picked up by the system.
    WD is a good drive and a whole lot better than seagate.

    I see you say you have two DVD drives one which is RW. Are you saying you have one pure DVD drive, and one Combo which is a DVD-ROM/RW CD drive???? It should say on the sticker on the bottom of the drives. If it is a DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, then disconnect your pure DVD drive off the system for now. That is what I did. I suspect your system is seeing two DVD's but not seeing the CD-RW. I simply did not chance it having two DVD's working while I wanted to boot, even though I did not have to, but I chose to do it that way to save myself a headache. Once I got done with my formatting and main system install, then I reconnected the pure DVD one and it found it and identified it.

    Here is what I saw on my DVD DVD/RW Dual layer + and - etc. It is suppose to read CD but really it does not, even though it is in the manual. Why I don't know.

    The other is a DVD-Rom/CD-RW Drive Combo. Wider beams slower speed. The above is narrow beam faster speeds. This Combo has the capability to flip. The one above does not. I could not boot at all to that DVD drive. None and was stuck. Found the DVD-ROM/ CD-RW combo and presto it worked. I could not find any plain CD-RW's out in the market. All are gone.

    I worded it wrong concerning the bios etc as my brain was going faster than my fingers doing the walking here.

    Honestly it is tough for people to give you answers without knowing the full story of what you did from the beginning. So I asked some questions trying to help you figure out the cause.

    My new system I am about to build from scratch is going to be pure sata only for the hard drives, and then connect my 2 ATI slots to the DVD and CD-RW etc. They do have a converter to connect to SATA slots in single or two or 4. I am getting a Gigabyte mobo DDR 3. I cannot put a pic here but you can go to gigabyte and see mine which is a GA-EP45T-UD3P. The sata are those small yellow connectors, the PCI is above it, the rams are the larger slots, and the ATI is below it.

    Once in a blue moon I will see something like hardware causing the crash too on some topics.

    So I am pretty sure Xthe can solve your problem in a spiff. Just follow his advice.

  19. Thanks Dave. It actually is a factory pc with no mods. 3ghz single processor, and a pathetic 512mb ram. The original configuration of the hd from the dell website is:

    1 H5102 Hard Drive, 250GB, Serial ATA 8MB, WD-XL80-2

    I will see if xthekidx reads and replies.
  20. Well, I believe I have discovered the problem and solution.

    I am reinstalling XP SP1. Apparently XP did not originally support sata. This link describes the problem and solution using software called nlite which basically re-creates an install iso image in cooperating sata drivers, or even service packs.

    - Kelly
  21. Hi Kelly

    That is interesting. Doing a bypass setup of XP install. Also when I was reading the article, it hit me hard, and then I do recall reading about the problem with Sata drivers not being compatible with the XP since apparently Micro missed this one when they made their SP1, SP2, and SP3. Odd that they did since they are the ones who should be all up to date with system configs and the latest hard drives currently out today. However that article is referring to VISTA!!!!! Please read as it says VISTA. Are you installing VISTA or are you installing Windows XP Professiona or the XP Upgrade version.

    It is interesting to note what you have to go thru when doing a VISTA install.

    It also mentioned Floppy drives too. Wow. As I said before much of the stuff requires some of these older systems like Floppy and CD-RW and once this stuff disappears, a lot of people are going to have problems.

    Oh I forgot to tell you, I am not installing VISTA in my new system. Forget it. I am sticking with good ol plain XP Professional OS. Too many problems with the VISTA, and yet many claim oh its great etc, yet time and time again, Vista has snags and restrictions and so many problems recognizing the older hardware systems that we all have here.

    It would be interesting if you can give Microsoft a call yourself and post it here letting us know if Microsoft has made a CD that contains storage and network drivers plus others and find out if all this is on their SP 3 service pack and if it is backwards compatible with VISTA and XP Professional.

    Hmmm those .inf files are critical as they are the heart and soul of programs.

    The one problem with SP3 service pack it is a huge file being between 67mb to 317mb and really the best thing is to order it and get the CD from Microsoft. You can ask them to get the SP 1, and all of them in single discs. Also ask them if they have a CD that contains all the security patches which by itself might contain upwards to around 100mb or more, that are up to date and if not ask them how far up to date they are on the CD itself.

    I think when you order such you have to tell them what System your using, such as either VISTA or XP Pro, because I think their CD's are different due to the system configurations.

    Here is one thing I noticed. Microsoft vs Linux. Linux does not have all these problems that Microsoft has in regards to securty and hotfixes and the service packs etc. Why is that???? I do know that Microsoft has over 130 patches since the XP professional has been out. All these patches eventually destroys the XP Professional set up. That is why I was forced to reformat my system back January this year because one of their patches destroyed the OS itself. With all the codings and recodings going on, it is a wonder that the OS does not get lost and all it takes is one code to mess everything up.

    I hardly hear complaints pertaining to Linux. Quite interesting itself, yet it can deal with most everything out there today. So why I not try it, because I am so scared and is so familiar with the current system that I have now, and going into a new one is an entire new ballgame and relearning process itself.

    Hmmm I myself is going to ask Xthe myself what he thinks pertaining to the OS today and what he recommends that would be good for the next 10 years. Quite frankly I am getting a bit tired of Microsoft itself with all these patches it is making me dizzy and sick to know that they cannot seem to come up with something that for the most part is secure and not tampered with so much. As you know they came out with Internet 8 and bam already is having patches to that too.

    So what the heck.

    Microsoft killed off the FS game studios, laid off all the people and diversified them and hired some back and now are trying different ways to make the FS game in such a way where one has to be paying for it on a constant basis etc, instead of buying a CD or DVD one time package deal. They are looking for ways to make a steady profit here and there.

    Microsoft already got pinched in EU, and now Intel of the same from EU and it has been long suspected that they are definitely trying to corner the market using different tactics involving the marketing strategy.

    AMD on the other hand is a completely different set up and even Xthe will tell you as he told me. Nvidia with SLI is different compared to ATI graphic cards and that too has its differences with the pros and cons.

    The one thing I like is the Quad 9550 being in the middle and I might go for the 9670 (I think) if the price comes down and then I will have the best out there next to the I-7 which is the top of the line CPU processor. Again this is all Intel, and not AMD. AMD is all different. I personally think 4 CPU processors should handle most applications today with ease and it should streamline the data in smooth manner.

    This excites me as I only have the Pentium 4 here and that itself is a single and old processor. 9 years ago it was the top of the line if you recall as well. Today, oh man, 4 processors with incredible speeds, and memory cracking the 8 gig barrier, with hard drives already in the terabyte range, and better graphics cards today and now they use LCD monitors and have towers that really cool the systems and PSU to provide a lot of power to the systems- really changes everything almost overnight.

    Your system from Dell and mine too, is limited my friend. There is a cap set by Dell and upgrading is also limited too. That is the way Dell works to make money. So be careful of what you do to your 8400 and if you want to really upgrade, then build one from scratch as there is many things out there that you can work with without having the limitations so imposed by computer manufacturers such as Dell, Gateway and others.

    Yes I grant the one fact being that you can buy a complete system from Dell today, and the cost is much cheaper but at what limitation are you fixed with and what your expanding capability is fixed at. You have to remember Dell is not going to be putting in good stuff into those computers otherwise that price will double and be the same as one rebuilds for the same effect. Their mobos are on the low end of the spectrum of being good mobos, but alas, hey my original mobo is still working today 9 years later. go figure.

    Since I see your problem it is something for me to remember to make sure that the SATA drivers and all the other drivers are PRE-INSTALLED INTO THAT MOBO, because if it is not installed, I will run into the problem your having now. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I can run my windows XP professional on my new setup without having the same problem you are having.

    At least I still got my floppy!!!!!! and it works. I am going to save your link as a back up should it happen to me and print it up even though it is for a VISTA but still worthy information wise.

  22. Just a quick note to clarify that only XP SP1 did not support sata. SP2 and SP3 are ok.

    - Kelly
  23. krmayo said:
    Just a quick note to clarify that only XP SP1 did not support sata. SP2 and SP3 are ok.

    - Kelly

    Are you doing Vista or Windows XP Professional install. I suggest you do the XP professional install. Vista is an entirely different ballgame.

    Good to know SP 2 and 3 support SATA.

    Hope it works out.

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