Help me with Samgsung Hardisk Size

i have samgsung 200hj (200gb).
I partition it with Xp disk and now it is showing that i have only 186 gb of total disk space.Actually i partition it two time. After first partition it was 190 gb and after second partition it is now 186 gb.

How can i format it in low level.I already tried with Partion Magic but it make it even worse now my E drive which is 70.1 gb makes my pc unstable(when i click E drive Explore hang for like 3 seconds then the drive open).

Please help me with that.
(Sorry for my BAD english)

My pc Specification:-

E4599 @ 2.8 Ghz
PQI 667 2*1 gb Ram
Gigabyte G31m Es2c
Hd 4650
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  1. ok perhaps backup all your data and reformat entire hd (due to the 32 bit interface on windows xp your total hd capacity will be divided so it's not that its missing its there
    its a feature that xp reserves those 10 gb for user data)

    you could try to reinstall xp on another partition a new one and your data will kept in a carpet called "win xp old"
  2. 200 GB = 186 GiB (Gibi Bytes - using powers of 2 instead of powers of 10).

    But since alot of people are confused with the difference between MB and Mb, im guessing they won't remember the difference between GB and GiB also.

    Its not like you really need those 10GB; with disks of 2TB being sold right now.
  3. Thank you guys for help me.
    I m gonna buy 500gb Samgsung f3 soon.
    BUt funny thing is that when i buy my machine that shop guy gave me 197 gb harddisk but after partition with xp disk i m loosing space.

    Thanks again for ur help.
  4. Actually i just needed to know that beside Xp, with which software i can partition my harddisk in low level.
  5. XP has its own partitioner. Click start, right click My Computer, click Manage, click Disk Management. Translate to your own locale.

    Note that changing/messing with the partition table may cause all data to be lost currently on the HDD. So be careful.
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