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Ok, so I have a Phoenix BIOS on my Gateway, and I would love to unlock it so that I can get my Phenom 9500 up from 2.2GHz to 2.5-2.6, and I want to know if it's possible? My PLL is an ITE, and I have found no support for it at all with any of the OC software.

MoBo is ECS, and it has an nForce chipset.
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  1. Which ECS in particular?
  2. on the mainboard section of CPU-Z, I get:

    Manufacturer: ECS
    Model: MCP61PM-GM 2.1
    Chipset: NVIDIA MCP61
    Southbridge: NVIDIA MCP61

    Brand: Phoenix Technologies, LTD
    Version:6.00 PG
    Date: 11/26/2007
  3. Did you ever solve this stewartfan? I've been looking for months for a solution similar to yours and I can't find anything. I'm in your exact situation and I can't find a BIOS update so I can upgrade my CPU.
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