ideal sys and cpu temp?

I've had my pc on for about 24hrs and for kicks I checked the system and CPU temp and they are reading 102*F and 78*F respectively. are these ideal temps or are they too high? I dont have any xtra cooling just and the pc is nothing special just what an "average" person needs to surf the web and play/burn cds.
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  1. So 78 is the cpu temp? That's very good no matter what cpu you have.
  2. yes78is the cpu temp and 102 is the system temp
  3. What cpu is it and what program are you using to monitor them? I'm just asking because the cpu temp is really good.
  4. sempron 2800+ I just checked the temp in the bios
  5. Oh ok, the temps are so low because the computer just started up, and the cpu isn't doing anything yet. Run coretemp and see what the temps are through that.
  6. 40*C w/ core temp. What does case max mean (that is at 69*C)?
  7. 40c is about average. It is the max temperature for the cpu before it shuts down or starts throttling itself.
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