first time "really" overclocking CPU

Is it just fine to run an older Pentium D 925 at a rated FSB of 933,and get 3.5Ghz? I think the cooling will be just fine,but I'm wondering more about the motherboard...It's an Nvidia 7050..
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  1. Motherbaord is doubtable. So is the cooling.
  2. Hate to tell you this bro, but with those specs, any OCing you do probably won't do much for you. You could by a mobo and processor for under $200 that will run much faster than your planned overclock.
  3. That is a 16% overclock. I think you can reach that with a good cooler.
  4. Well, maybe he is doing it for the fun of it. Go ahead and push it man. Worst case scenario, it bursts into flames. No big loss there.
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