Massive underperformance by my CPU in 3dmark

Hi all. I just built a comp with my friends and after making sure everything was running smoothly, we put it through a test run on 3dmark06.

All the video card tests ran smooth as silk, but the 2 cpu tests were down to 0 to 1 fps, no joke! My specs are below, and I don't know a ton about computers so if anyone can guess what the problem is from my specs please let me know, b/c I don't think the 9450 should be getting such poor performance! On a side note, would running windows xp operating systems compared to windows vista affect a 3dmark06 score and if so by approx how much?

CPU: Q9450
GPU: XFX Geforce 9800GX2
MOBO: Asus P5N72-T Premium
HD: Western Digital Caviar (WD5001ABYS) Raid Edition
RAM: Corsair XMS2 Dominator 4 GB

Thanks for your help
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  1. I think those FPS for CPU test are normals.
  2. What did your final CPU score end up being?

    The CPU tests on 3DMark06 always run very slow (0-2fps). If you look at ORB and see some of the average FPS for the CPU tests, with the same configurations, they are 1-2 FPS.

    Try comparing your results with those in ORB.
  3. Its normal.
  4. My Q6600 @ 3GHz gets 1-2FPs. The second test bumps to 3 and rarel 4 FPS but average for the first is like 1.25 and the second is barely over 2 FPS.

    Yours is normal.
  5. Normal. The 3dmark06 CPU tests are phenomenally demanding - I've never seen more than about 2-3fps from any (remotely normal) machine.
  6. Even them overclocked with liquid nitrogen wont get a smooth 5fps. Its normal.
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