Where to find good internet store for hard drives & computer periphera

Hi I’m looking for a great online store for computer peripherals and especially external hard drives. I’m from Sweden and have just arrived to US so I don’t know what store to trust or what stores does have the best prices etc.
I had just been here for a week when my video/film editing hard drive did crash on me. I’m working with commercials and small independent features and I do really need a new high performing and reliable disk for Firewire 800. I had a external LaCie FW800 disk that was great, until it crashed obviously.

Where do you think I could find a great and cheep disk, pleas help, I do really need some advices.

I posted a similar message some days ago under “Other Peripherals” but may be that was the wrong place, I don’t know.

Any way, pleas help me; I would be so appreciated, really!
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  1. Newegg

    I personally always choose Newegg over Tigerdirect, but have no problem buying from either.
  2. You should also check out this website, it's where people post deals that are "hot":

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