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How to overclock Intel Core 2 Duo E6300

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25 January 2009 19:52:07

Hi there,

First of all, i am really new to overclocking so sorry if i ask stupid questions..

Since a few weeks i want to upgrade my pc with a new CPU because i really have the idea that it's the bottleneck of my PC, but since a few days i have read some articles about overclocking and about how suitable the Intel Core 2 Duo is for this. Only problem is that i can't really find what configuration i could safely use in my PC. I have the following hardware:

Motherboard: MSI P965 NEO-F
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 2x 1,86 GHz
Memory: 2x 1024MB Nanya Elixer DDR2/800 Dimm
Graphics: ATI Radeon X1950XTX 512MB DDR4
Powersupply: CoolerMaster 430W

Can anyone plz tell me how much i can overclock my CPU safely and which settings i have to change in the BIOS?
All help is much appreciated.

Thnx in advance..

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25 January 2009 21:08:53

Do a little research, read the OC guides, then ask questions. We will be glad to help, but most of us expect you to try to do something first.
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25 January 2009 21:11:45

OK. That sounded a little abrupt. But our goal is to give you a fishing pole and teach you to fish, not simply give you a fish.
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25 January 2009 21:18:02

no problem, i should have put some more information here i guess. but i already read some guides about it, like this one:

but it doesnt really show where i can expect difficulties for example. like the memory-speed, it is currently set to 800 but the manual tells me that it should be addepted too. even though i have no idea what i should set it too. is there some kind of tool i can calculate all the values i need to change?
25 January 2009 21:34:26

read this one....

I also have a core 2 duo E6300 and was able to overclock it to 2.5 ghz with the help of the people here(temps: idle 39 load:48).

Since you have a stock cooler I wouldn't reckomend to try and overclock it to high.

My advice is try low voltages for this processor. (I have 1.187 the lowest option I could choose with my motherboard and it runs stable at 2.5 ghz)

Look that the temps of your cores don't get hotter then 60C(core temp)

I would reccomend you let the ram run at 1:1. (fsb:ram) that means that if you overclock the cpu to 2.5ghz (7x355) your ram will run at ddr2-710 (355 mhz as the cpu).

I know this whole things sound very difficult, because I also started 1 month ago with reading here and opening a thread, but it's really worth it.

The E6300 is a great overclocker!

Kind regards Erdinger
25 January 2009 21:50:21

erdinger said:

Since you have a stock cooler I wouldn't reckomend to try and overclock it to high.
Kind regards Erdinger

Thnx for your reply.

Do you also use the stock cooler with your CPU if i may ask? Is it safe to try 2,5 GHz on stock cooler. I am really satisfied with this speed..
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25 January 2009 22:34:34

I am unfamiliar with the MSI BIOS. Raising the FSB from the stock 266 MHz. to 333 MHz. should be OK with stock cooler. I wouldn't go over about a 20% - 25% OC with the stock cooler without keeping a very close eye on the temperatures. Because the E6300 has a relatively low internal multiplier (X7), 2.5 GHz. may be overdoing it with stock cooler.

I ran an E6600 with the stock cooler at 3.0 GHz. Worked fine, especially since it ran without overvolting. An Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro took me to 3.3 GHz. Anything higher requires serious air cooling.

To run the memory at a 1 to 1 ratio, set your memory clock to twice the FSB.

This may be a little difficult because different BIOS' define the terms differently.
26 January 2009 01:13:40

Yes I also use the stock cooler... because of the undervolting the cpu doesn't get two hot although it is overclocked :) .
26 January 2009 01:17:48

sry for duble post.
I had the luck that the person who made the overclocking guide also had an asus p5b so everything got simpler for me.....

I think I could go for 2.8 ghz and the sistem would run stable (stock cooler) and don't get to hot but I really don't want to burn my cpu and I think you also don't want to do that.

So really download a temperature monitoring device and always watch at the highest temps you reach while using prime 95.

Because it's winter i stopped at 48/49C.
26 January 2009 01:18:00

Thnx for your replies, i have tried a couple of things but i think MSI doesnt really support it. As soon as i increase the FSB my PC doesnt really start anymore. or i just dont see anything. I have read in the guide that i need to change the speed of the GPU PCIex because otherwise this will just go up with the CPU but my BIOS doesnt support this option. I guess its just not really possible on MSI.

Thnx anyway for all your help.
26 January 2009 01:54:16

Yeah that's a shame your cpu could but your motherboard can't