12v rail connect to 8-pin ATX CPU connector?

i'm having cold boot problems with my 780i. just to test every possibility out, i want to connect my 12v rail (that's used for my VGA cards - it's rated at 36A or 20A, i think) to my motherboard 8-pin ATX connector for the CPU.

can i do this, or will it fry my board?
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  1. You cant do that. YOU WILL FRY YOUR BOARD

    PS: Exactly what cables ate you talking about? The 6/8Pin PCIE or some thing else?
  2. sorry, i should have been more clear. my 8pin PCI-E connector is what i was talking about. now that i think about it, i wonder if the connector will even fit. i won't try it.

    so i don't know what could be causing my cold boot problems then. could a faulty CPU cause the computer to not boot up after it being off for 3+ hours, but then work PERFECTLY on pressing the reset button?

    i posted in greater detail here:

  3. I'd find the pinouts for those connectors to make sure they're the same...

    none the less....I really doubt a different 12v rail will fix your problem.

    I noticed in another post that someone mentioned your ram voltage...I do recommend you bump it up to 2.0v

    NB around ~1.4v
  4. Surely when you restart it doesn't actually power anything down?

    Could be all sorts of things, bad connection on your PS-ON wire (the green one) which sends the signal to the PSU to power up?

    I assume the power button itself works?

    Does it boot up if you turn it off, wait till everything's stopped, wait 10/15secs and try to turn it on?
  5. the power button itself works, and i've tried two brand new PSUs to rule it out as the problem.

    and when i restart the computer, everything works PERFECTLY.

    and if i turn it off, wait till everything's stopped for about 10/15 seconds, it turns on just fine. perfect. in fact, if i turn it all off, and power on again within 1-2 hours, it boots up just fine.

    this is my third motherboard with the same problem, so the issue lies elsewhere.

    thanks so much for your help. much appreciated.
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