Intel will take back OC CPU'S useing there program?

is the program

but after reading the TOS it says it wont but the guy from intel says they will take it back

in this video for tigerdirect.

anyone know whats the deal.

will Intel take back OC cpu's?
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  1. I am at work, so i cant really look to hard at it, but it is still a soft OC.

    A bios OC is more stable.

    I guess if it has profiles, it would be nice. Especially if it has manual voltage control. I dont trust automatic style soft OCs.
  2. i think you can i cant use it as im on AMD atm. but my new build = intel and i would like to OC it to 3ghz instead of 2.66 if its allowed.
  3. seems interesting, do you really need the specific mobo or any mobo that has x38 or x48 will do?
  4. dont know i just heard about this im reading up about the info and all the stuff now lol
  5. I would NEVER trust any CPU/Motherboard OCing tool that runs on Windows or other OS. This doesn't apply to GPU OCing tools.
  6. +1 for the don't use software to overclock, i just like how it looks though.
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