Opening Task Manager Reduces CPU temps???????

I've never come across this in my many years of using computers. This just started recently and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

The facts:

1) I use Core Temp .96 to monitor my CPU temps on my Dell Inspiron Laptop with a C2D t7300 CPU
2) As soon as it boots into windows, my temps soar up to 70-85º c
3) I check Task Manager to see what's loading my CPU like that - NOTHING. No CPU usage.

The Kicker

4) Having Task Manager open DROPS my CPU temps back to a normal 35-40º c. As soon as I close Task Manager, BAM - temps soar back up into the 70's and 80's c.

What the hell is going on? Anyone ever come across this? I know it's not Core Temp freaking out because I can feel my laptop get hotter and my CPU fan kicks in and blows out the hot air.

Is there a virus out there that works in the shadows and stops its own instance from running when Task Manager is open so you can't see the application?
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  1. i dont know it could be a virus ther are many out there and you can program it to do something like that try running your antivirus software do a full system scan if your abitvirus suite allows that
  2. wrong or right, I appreciate the input. Did a full system scan and came back with nothing. Made sure definitions were up to date beforehand. I'll try the safe mode thing and a couple other ideas and let you guys know.

    Anyone else have any clue to what could be causing this? I've had the laptop for months and it just started a couple days ago. I don't remember installing new drivers or programs either. Thanks!
  3. It sounds like some kind of software problem. Malware,virus, windows... Something is either fully loading the cpu or coming close to doing so. When you open task manager what ever is loading shuts off. Thus your temps drop.

    As stranger said boot in safe mode. You can also check your process's with another program and see if you get the same result.

    If you still cant figure it out, you might be better off just doing a clean install. Saves the time and aggrivation of tracking it down.

    Do some malware scans using different apps like ad-aware/spybot hijackthis and so on.
  4. yea the last thing to do is what stranger said and if you find nothing just do a clean install
  5. Reinstall windows XP. It's a weird thing though...
  6. yea but if its in windows then hell have wasted 2 hrs for nothing and hell still have to format the drive and do a clean install its the best choice unless you have super important files on it with no backups

    Apparently, dnetc.exe (Distributed Net Client) was the problem. I never intentionally installed it but there it was in my task manager. I systematically closed a process, closed Task Manager, and waited a second to see what happened. When I stopped dnetc.exe, my cpu load issue stopped. To help find the problem and remove it, I downloaded two programs:

    CPU Usage and Security Task Manager

    CPU Usage monitored my CPU load even without Task Manager open so I knew something was definitely loading the CPU and stopping when I opened TM.

    Did some research on dnetc.exe and found out that it loads the CPU (like Folding at Home) in the background. It's either installed by a worm, trojan, spyware, or a missed "OK" click when installing another program that sneaks it in.

    Security Task Manager sees it and can "quarantine" it by stopping the process, removing it from the registry, stopping the startup with windows, and moving all files to a folder where they're harmless. You can also outright remove it if you'd like as well.

    Thanks for all the input guys! If this ever happens to you, look for dnetc.exe!
  8. The clear difference being that F@H is installed knowingly(i knowingly run it....and it does not hide).......

    glad you have it fixed.....
  9. True. F@H isn't shady like dnetc.
  10. My guess:

    Booting up Windows is system intensive, hence the high temps when you boot up.

    You're able to open task manager once Windows is pretty much done booting up and your computer goes idle.

    At that point your temps are able to go down.

    My guess!
  11. Manual removal instructions if ya need em are here:
  12. Thats kinda hot for a laptop C2D even at load when a Q6600 running stock under full load(Prime95) only gets to 51c. Then again its possible its due to the small package size and laptops don't have the same aitflow or heatsink.

    Good thing ya got it fixed. We should have this somewhere everyone can see it so they can tell what to do.
  13. I would THOROUGHLY make sure got rid of that thing. Not just the process from running but whatever else goes along with it. Follow the instuctions to remove in JackNaylorPE post for removal if that is what infected your system.

    You already had something remove registy entries and the files. Just make SURE its gone.
  14. Congrats Kraz, youv'e been borged.
    Most of the times it's by someone you know. Then again if you are "borrowing" internet service, you can be vulnerable.
    Folders have been known to do the same thing.
    Personally I hate it. Been borged myself, and had to do some serious work on a few other people's rigs.
    I am a big time suporter of F@H (I'm "me" in the THGC team) but I dont like people using other's resouces like that.
  15. yeah, I don't know where the hell I picked it up from. I did a thorough check and didn't find any trace of the worm. Just glad it's gone!

    Wow. Borged. I feel....funny....

    Nah, we've got our own service. No borrowing here. Thanks again for the input guys. Keep a lookout if your cpu suddenly just decides to load on its own!

  16. lol your windows must be playing with you, as soon as you close the task manager he start a background program and when you try to find it in the task manager it shut it selfs
  17. This is the second instance of this here recently. Dnetc.exe was the culpritin another thread too.

    If instead of hitting ctrl+alt+del you hit ctrl+shift+esc you will catch it in the act. Thanks to Dobby for that trick. Maybe since it was a distributed networking client it turned itself off whenever you went to go use the PC. In any event the guy we helped in the other thread posted his entire list of installed programs and his hijackthis log. The program list had no legit distributed networking programs installed.

    Hijack this did find dnetc.exe and attributed it to dnetc inc. which could not be found on Google.

    Sure looks like malware of some sort.
  18. ^Agreed
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