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Hi, I'm not sure if this is where I should post this question.

I'm trying to make backup dvds of my mp3s I'm using Deepburner and on some of my files it says file names too long must be renamed by joliet, then I tried burning from a different burner CD Burner XP and and it doesn't rename my files.

so my question is will the files that get renamed make a difference if I had to restore all my music back one day in Winamp,or MediaMonkey, will all Artist Name, Year, Album Name, Genre be in tacked if files were renamed by the joliet? or is it just file name that gets renamed? so far I've burned 14 dvds in Deepburner with files renamed, should I reburn them in CD Burner XP since it doesn't rename my files I'd hate to waste another 14 dvds if i don't have to. thank you for any help I can get from Yall.
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    All that happens is that the filenames are truncated to 64 characters, nothing else is affected. Some burning software supports an 'extended Joliet' format that allows up to 103 characters. Now it is possible when the truncation occurs that two files may wind up with the same name. As long as they aren't in the same directory there won't be any problems.
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