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I have had an external Hard-disk for about 2 years now. The problem, is that it makes a strange tick noise, and then you can hear the disk spinning up again, like when it just starts up. Now the problem is I cant determine whether its the casing, or the drive itself that's faulty. This only starts happening after a few minutes of use. During this time, I cannot read or write to the disk. It doesn't stop ticking until I restart the device.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can determine what the problem is?

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  1. sounds like You need to get any data that you do not want to loose off that disk NOW! your drive is starting to go and soon it won't work at all
  2. Hi,

    I have pulled the data off, and am not gonna put anything on.

    I'm trying to figure out if I should get a new unit, or drive. Its a PATA drive and unit. If its the drive thats faulty, I'll get a new PATA one. If the units faulty, I'll get a new PATA unit. If both need to be tossed, I'll have to get a new SATA unit and Drive. I'd rather avoid that option, being cash-strapped and all.
  3. hdd is dying as everyone mentioned. it should be the actual drive and not the enclosure. also, most hard drives have decent warranties (3-5 years) so contact the manufacturer and see if can get a free replacement.
  4. Click of death...so yes, I would get in contact with the drive manufacturer and work out an RMA for a new/replacement. If you had anything of questionable value or origin on that drive, get and use one of those drive shredder programs...even if you 'delete' data, it technically is still there and can be recovered. So, unless you want everyone at WD to see your pr0n stash, that video you made of your girlfriend or your illegal copies of software, you might consider doing it.
  5. ^^lol yeah and even if you didn't have any illegal pr0n on it, shredding is a valid choice :PP
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